Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Taqueria Monte Cristo

One of the better burrito places in Berkeley, they do offer a nice assortment of other mexican grub as well.  Found the burrito to be on the large size with quality ingredients, I especially enjoy their mole. Burritos come with small amount of yummy house made chips. Above average salsa bar, not a ton of choices but very good. Nice environment. Located at 1446 University Ave, Berkeley.  Recommended.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Good Green Sign

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Cactus Taqueria

A slightly upscale taqueria in Oaklands Rockridge neighborhood is always worth a stop when my deliveries get me close to here. Not your standard menu as they offer some nice variations on your typical mexican fare. I enjoyed a burrito mole con verde which their take is chicken in a green sauce of roasted pumpkin seeds and tomatillos. They do have a nice salsa bar and of course you get a small amount of chips with most meals. My only gripe would be that the burritos are a bit on the small side, other than that highly recommended. 5642 College Ave across from Bart.
Sent from my BlackBerry while doing another green delivery.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Good riddance 2009. Let's have a great green 2010.

Rough year and really not the best decade, whatever it was called, I prefer the "aughts".  Here's a take on it from Wikipedia which I like-

'Unlike previous decades, the 2000s have not yet attained a universally accepted name in the English-speaking world.
Orthographically, the decade can be written as "2000s" or "'00s". Some people read "2000s" as "two-thousands" and thus simply refer to the decade as "the two-thousands". Some read it as the "00s" (pronounced "Ohs"), as the single years within the decade are usually referred to as starting with an "Oh", such as "Oh-Eight". On January 1, 2000, the BBC listed "The Noughties" (derived from "nought" (a word used for zero in many English-speaking countries), by analogy with e.g. "The Eighties" for 1980-1989) as a potential moniker for the new decade. Others have advocated the term "The Aughts", which was widely used at the beginning of the previous century, sometimes even combining it with "Naught" to put a linguistic twist on the time period, such as "The Naught Aughts", "The Naughts", "The Aughts", and even "The Naughty Aughties". Previous decades that begin a new century have generally been referred to as "The Hundreds", for example "The Nineteen-Hundreds". These various names for the decade 2000-2009 have been suggested due to the ambiguity of the term "the two-thousands," which could apply to any of the following: the decade, 2000-2009; the century, 2000-2099; or the millenium, 2000-2999." This is also an issue for the following (and current) decade, the 2010s.'

Looking forward to a better 2010. The Chronicle had a good review of the Top 10 Environment Stories from 2009, worth a read-http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/green/detail?entry_id=54378

All the best for a wonderful, prosperous and green 2010.