Thursday, February 25, 2010

Velo Rouge Cafe out by USF a good find.

If you find yourself looking for grub out in the Richmond neighborhood of the City you can't go wrong by stopping in at Velo Rouge Cafe. Excellent coffee using Blue Bottle which only allows you to use their fine beans if you go through their training process. Each cup is individually brewed, this may take a minute more but it's worth it. The food is fresh, with some good breakfast and lunch offerings from their smallish but interesting menu. They do have some special dinners during the week and have a pizza night as well.

Nice ambiance with good music usually going and free wi-fi making it a bit of a hangout. Vibrant and active cafe. Live a music on occasion. From a courier perspective, good parking but not always the fastest of service (yet friendly) and line can be long at times.